Why Advisors Are Rethinking The 4% Rule

In this article from Financial Advisor Magazine, “Why Advisors Are Rethinking The 4% Rule,” Marissa Beyer of Fidato Wealth asks, “What happens if the stock market has a great one-to-two-year period and the account balance goes up—does the distribution amount get recalculated? What if the opposite happens, and the account value goes down? The rule […]

A Wall Around Your Wealth: The Importance of Asset Protection

 Success can come with a major downside: It can make you a potential magnet for lawsuits—including frivolous and unfounded ones—and other attacks that can wreak havoc on your financial health and stability.  Indeed, you may very well know someone in your life who has been sued. Maybe it was you!  That means you’ve got to […]