New Client Requirements

What We Look For

At Fidato Wealth, we have client requirements as our goal is to work with those families and business owners who will receive significant value from our service, and that all parties find the relationship mutually rewarding.

With these goals, we are selective about who we work with. We are willing to complete a complimentary assessment, so we have adequate time to get to know each other, and mutually determine if:

1. There is great fit, marked by positive and open communication and collaboration – we believe relationships are important.

2. We believe that we can deliver significant and meaningful value to the client through our expertise.

3. The client meets our asset level requirements. Thanks to hard work and diligent effort, they have accumulated savings greater than $1 Million. For high net worth clients, we provide Advanced Wealth Management Services due to additional tax, legal, estate and administration complexities.

Our Consultative

We provide complimentary consultations to learn about what is important to you, determine how you are currently positioned, and identify if there are any gaps. You also will learn how we work with our clients. After our consultative meetings, one of three things will happen:

1. We may determine that you are in good shape, that no changes are needed and advise you to maintain your existing plan.

2. We may determine that although some changes could improve your situation, we are not the right fit for you. If this occurs, we would offer to introduce you to the services of another fiduciary financial planning firm that is more aligned to your needs.

3. Lastly, we both may determine that working together will be a mutually rewarding relationship, and we will invite to you to be part of our family of clients.

Either way, we aim to provide a valuable consultative experience!