Family Wealth Management

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We Are Family People First

We understand that you want to take care of your family, live your best life, and magnify your impact. Our multi-disciplinary approach to family wealth management goes far beyond just investment planning.

We take the time to understand and map out your values, goals and vision, then take a holistic approach to crafting a customized plan. This approach also takes into consideration finding the right specialists that your unique situation calls for.

We Build An Infrastructure
Around Our Clients

We build an infrastructure around our clients designed specifically for the benefit of each individual and family. We bring it all together, acting as the central hub, integrating an array of services into a solution designed specifically for you, and then coordinating and integrating those elements into a solid strategy with the aim of accomplishing what is important to you.

Virtual Family Office
Consultative Process

Our Family Wealth Management Consultative Process puts you and your goals front and center. Each plan is unique and designed to meet your goals and vision for your life.

We follow a detailed process (see graphic) that allows us to take a comprehensive look at your individual situation and build a firm foundation for our work together.

Our Family Wealth
Management Process

  • Identify & Map Out Your Family Values, Goals & Vision

  • Comprehensive Investment Consulting and Asset Management

  • Wealth Enhancement

    • Strategic Planning

    • Tax Mitigation

  • Wealth Protection

    • Risk Mitigation

    • Legal Structures

  • Multigenerational Estate Planning

  • Independent Trustee Services

  • Wealth Transfer

    • Effective Transfer of Wealth

  • Charitable Giving

    • Maximizing Impact

    • Tax, Legal, & Risk Advisor Selection and Planning Coordination

    • Virtual Family Office Services

      • Budget Creation and Management

      • Bill Pay

      • Consolidated Financials and Reporting

      • Advisor Coordination

      • Other Administrative and Lifestyle Services

    • Family Mission and Family Governance Planning