‘It’s the Ultimate Reset’: How Lockdown Can Improve UK and US Financial Planning

In the third and final part of their US and UK financial planning discussion, “‘It’s the ultimate reset’: How lockdown can improve UK and US financial planning,” CityWire leads a group of top advisors to take a look at what firms might learn from the lockdown and how they might come out of it stronger. Said Tony D’Amico, Fidato Wealth, “Comprehensive financial planning and asset allocations really matters. This is the ultimate reset of over-confidence and the ultimate opportunity for us to serve our clients.”

US and UK Advisors Find Reasons for Optimism Amid the Crisis

In part two of our transatlantic discussion, “US and UK advisors find reasons for optimism amid the crisis,” CityWire podcast looks at how financial planners in the UK and US are still engaging with their clients, and how technology is being used to offer the best service possible in an otherwise testing moment. Tony D’Amico, Fidato Wealth, with other elite advisors, comments that they need to be prepared to continue to offer video conference calls to clients as a new way of operating as part of a calculated, ongoing plan.

Transatlantic Leaders: Watch Our Cover Stars Share Tips with Us IFAS

In this first podcast in a series of three titled, “Transatlantic leaders: watch our cover stars share tips with US IFAs,” hosted by Ian Horne of Citywire, Tony D’Amico stressed importance of calm, unwavering leadership in the time of COVID-19. Tony also said he took immediate steps with client communication when they transitioned to working from home and empowered his team to have conversations with the clients.