What is it like to own field seats at Cleveland Browns Stadium?

In this article featured on the Cleveland Browns website, Tony D’Amico, CFP®, Founder of Fidato Wealth, describes what it’s like to have field seats at the Cleveland Browns’ Stadium, including how the firm uses the experience to treat employees and create fun memories with colleagues and partners.

Do You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?

One night, your son borrows your car to go out with friends. While speeding down a road, he loses control—killing one passenger and seriously injuring two others. What would happen to your finances if you’re sued by the families of the victims? Or what if your dog is provoked by a stranger on your property […]

Three Key Elements of Smart Estate Planning

It’s likely that you expect to use your assets to give your family a good life in the here and now—things like travel and college tuition. But have you thought nearly as much about positioning your assets so they’re ready and able to help the people you love after you’re gone? Even if you have […]

When Is an Advisor an Elite Wealth Manager?

Many financial professionals call themselves wealth managers these days. In some cases, this descriptor is right on the mark—it describes them accurately. For others, the use of the term is essentially a marketing strategy. It’s up to you to decide whether a financial professional you are considering working with is a genuine wealth manager. And […]

Six Keys to Optimizing Your Health, Longevity and Well-Being

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone wants to experience optimal health. It’s also pretty safe to say that most of us know the steps we should be taking to enjoy those benefits—but that we too often don’t bother. Enter Shawn Wells, a leading nutritional biochemist and dietitian. His book, The Energy Formula, lays out […]

Wealth Planning for Ages 90, 100-and Beyond

Thanks to medical technology advances, we’re living longer and in better health than ever. Some experts—like Harvard University Professor of Genetics David Sinclair, author of Lifespan: Why We Age—And Why We Don’t Have To—even proffer that “there is no biological limit, no law that says we must die at a certain age.” That tremendously exciting […]

Smart Money Moves To Make While You’re Still Mentally Sharp

As we age, we tend to lose some of our cognitive abilities—and that, in turn, can cause us to make financial decisions that aren’t in our best interests. Commonly, people experience a degradation of financial decision-making abilities and “mental sharpness” beginning sometime in their 60s or 70s. When you consider that there are some 10,000 […]

A Wealth Planning Process For Pursuing Success On Purpose

One of the best things you can do when managing wealth is to be extremely clear on what you’re looking to accomplish and what hurdles stand—or could stand—in your way. Why? Success—in investing, in business, in life—rarely happens by accident. When you’re clear-eyed about where you want to go and what could get in your […]

Finding Advisors Who Are Truly Client-Centric

It’s extremely common for financial professionals these days to advertise how well they focus on their clients—and with good reason: After all, you’re probably more likely to consider working with people in just about any capacity who say that they will make the experience “all about you.” The good news is that, in our experience, […]